Friday, March 1, 2013

Are your kitchen cupboard's in danger?

Are you feeling frazzled? 

Tense, overwhelmed and exhausted? Is your life feeling a bit out of control? It can happen to the best of us - our stress levels can creep up and the slightest wee thing can create an avalanche of emotion. 

If your cupboard doors are in danger of coming off the hinges with all the slamming they get, if your cat runs a mile every time they see you, if you are sick of hearing yourself shouting or crying then it's time for a new approach. 

So here's a quick check - where are your shoulders?  Are they up around your ears or sitting naturally ?  When stress levels rise so do our shouldersIt's time to take a breather, relax a bit, write the to do list, and start with what you can. Be realistic, if there is too much to do then rope in some help. Learning to control what you can and letting go of what you can't makes such a differenceIt takes practice and a new way of thinking sometimes. 

Your thoughts affect your feelings and this affects what you do.  Are you aware of your thoughts? Probably not it's those feelings or even the actions that we notice first, especially when the cupboard door slams and knocks over the glasses, they break, you scream and the cat runs for cover leaving you a bubbling wreck!  
All change has to start somewhere, keeping doing the same things means you'll get the same results.  But how do you let go of overwhelming stress?  Do you have to start meditating, eating green smoothies, chanting and going off to find yourself in a retreat?  Well these could all help but I reckon they aren't practical for the majority of us.  Small steps  can be the bridge to go from stressed out to happy.   
Look at the big stresses - can you do anything about them?  What is the smallest step you could take right now?  Maybe it's even acknowledging that you need a little help?  

My first small steps involve breathing, cups of tea, a walk, music, some laughter then a list to go through. Once I feel a bit more relaxed the things that stressed me out seem a little more manageable
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