Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Be fabulous start a kindness wave and beat stress

Be kind on National Stress Awareness Day
SO today 6th November is national stress awareness day.  Are you aware of your stress?  Are you thinking about it, worrying about it and focusing on it?  STOP ! 
I understand the need to highlight the difficulties that stress creates in our life, I know the impact it can have on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  But focusing on the problem creates more of the problem.  What would you like instead of the stress?
What can you do today to shift your thinking, to change how you feel and move towards a happier and more positive life?  Breathe – take some time out and imagine what the difference your life would be like if you felt happier and more positive?  What if you could change how you feel now?
You can – your circumstances are not controllers of you.  You are the controller of you.  You have a choice about what you think and how you react to any situation.  If you choose to focus your thoughts on feeling good for even a few minutes you will feel less stressed.
The quickest way to feel good is to do something for someone else.  Be kind and help another person. It can be the smallest of things – smile, hold a door open, make someone a cup of tea, say hello, there are an infinite number of ways to be kind.  Go on give it a try for today see how many people you can be kind to and then notice what a difference it makes to how you feel.
Your acts of kindness create ripples and you will have a bigger impact that you may ever know.  Go on de stress, be fabulous start a kindness wave today.

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Inspiration behind Scotlands Happiness Day

Tragically, in October 2007, just a few weeks short of his 13th birthday,  my son Calum lost his life to meningitis.
The impact of Calum’s death shook me to my very core. The grief, depression, panic and anxiety were overwhelming.  I questioned so many of my values trying to make sense of what had happened, but I vowed that I would be happy again, that our family would survive this tragedy. I wanted Calum to be proud of us and to recognise us as the family he knew if he could see us.

It has taken time, energy, the kindness of others and a focus for happiness to go from the darkness of grief to Scotland's Happiness Day.  A journey I have now shared in my book From Heartbreak to Happiness  which is launched in paperback on Scotland's Happiness Day 2 November 2013. 

We had World Happy Day in February 2012. It started me thinking – Scotland should have its own happiness day. So Scotland’s Happiness Day was born on 11th November 2012. 

This is our second year, it’s on Saturday 2nd November and we have gone even bigger. With Smile Awards program to thank the happy and positive people in our lives who help us to smile. A fab conference with excellent speakers, laughter, comedy and music which is a great day out where people can learn about creating more happiness for themselves and then share their happiness with others.
I am encouraging the country to get involved beyond our conference – to take a day to focus on your own happiness and to share it with others. (

Find your reason to focus on happiness, small steps work.