Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What is this happiness malarkey?


Are you feeling a bit fed up with the positive gurus and promises of a perfect life? 


 Have you read every self-help book you can get your hands on and still have days where you can’t be bothered to get off your arse?
Is your “Wonderful Life Planner” relegated to the back of the drawer behind the mound of used batteries, old mobile phone chargers, screwdrivers and birthday cake candles?

Does your bank balance bounce into the red, very red and “oh my god” more often than you make hot dinners in spite of your £1 million pound cheque from the universe sitting on your mantelpiece? 

Do you long for more fun quality family time but end up with the screaming tantrums and huffs – and that’s just you! 
Have you have tried being grateful, meditating and visualising your calm place just to get through another crappy day at work but end up crying in the corner with a bottle of wine?

If you can answer YES that’s me to one or more then congratulations you are doing GREAT!!!  WTF???? Great I hear you shout – bloody hell what would it be like if it was AWFUL?  I think that 99% of us have times like this in life.  (And the other 1% is too busy polishing their halos).  Sometimes it feels like all the bad stuff is happening at once and when that happens there is a tendency to focus on the crappy feelings and think that all that positive action and happiness stuff is a waste of time.  Believe me I get it.  I have had my share of tough stuff too but I also know that nothing lasts forever and life is about constant change.  Happiness is a state of mind not a destination.  

Happiness for me is knowing that I can bounce back. Knowing that I can laugh and the situation looks different. Knowing that I can spend time with friends and share how I am feeling.  Happiness is recognising that I may not be reaching for my best thought but that I have a choice to think something else.  It’s about understanding that I have strengths, positive qualities, choices and actions that make life feel better.   For me - it’s about having fun, dancing in the street, singing out of tune, laughing, relaxing and letting go of the things I can’t control and enjoying the ride.  It’s about knowing that I have lots of tools in my bag that can help me feel happier – I just need to use the one that’s most appropriate for that job/day. 

If you want more happiness in your life – don’t give up, don’t sit and watch your life go by feeling helpless.  Come and join me on Sat 1st November inGlasgow for How to have more happiness for you, your family and the world.I have gathered my trusted band of Scotland’s top positive action experts who know that life can be challenging, who don’t expect it to be perfect but who believe completely in their ability to make life happier.   Come and be revitalised, choose the workshops that can make a real difference for you and be inspired by real, authentic people.  Connect with other people who share a desire for more of the good stuff.  Come and have some fun – YOU DESERVE IT.  

With workshops on happiness at work, achieving your dreams, being a joyful money magnet, creating a happier family, connecting with your inner joy, finding meaning in life, mind calm, laughter and gratitude there is something for everyone. 
To increase your happiness and make this the best value event there are some fantastic happiness boosting product giveaways from myself, Alisoun Mackenzie, Leila Khan and a conference exclusive special recording by Scotland’s top mind coach Brian Costello. 

Learning, inspiration and action are all connected throughout the day to make it a fantastic experience. I won’t promise that life will be perfect but I know that spending time in this positive energy and leaving with lots of practical ways make a difference to your life will have an impact on you and those around you.  Places are filling fast so BOOK NOW and get your smile warmed up.
Lots of love

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