Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gratitude and Inspiration

Hi folks, I'm sorry that this post took a bit longer than a week.

It's been a busy time in our house recently. I seem to be rushing around, never stopping to catch breath. My husband has been busy writing his new book, and my daughter has been working hard on her school project. It can be so easy to get caught up in being busy, striving to do more, squeeze a little more out of the day. I thrive in the energy of creating new things, but what do you do when you don't have that spark? How do you get yourself going and bring a bit of creativity in to your life?

I don't always have the motivation to get going. When I am stuck in a slump then I take a good look at what I have in my life to be grateful for now. I have a gratitude journal on my phone that I fill in, not every day, but fairly regularly. I was reminded recently about how lucky I am to have family and friends around me, to have people in my life that I can lean on. People that I can turn to for advice or reassurance, people to share my successes with. I know how important my friends and family are to me, how they have been there to support me through my son Calum's death and the grief that can surround me still. I can't imagine being where I am now without the help and support of these wonderful people.

I have come in to contact with some remarkable young people in the last few years and some of their stories are heartbreaking. Some have come to this country to flee terrible horrors and persecution that I can only imagine. They arrived young and alone after long difficult journeys and great sacrifices. Most have no family here, some don't know if they're families are alive or dead. But this is not a sob story - this is a story of inspiration. These very same young people have thrown themselves in to education, learnt our language, come to understand our customs. They are looking forward with a vision of how they would like their lives to be and they are taking steps towards creating it. Some are working,studying in university or thinking about creating their own business. They have taken the opportunities that are available to us all and are motivating themselves. They have done this without a family to support them. Most have built networks of friends and have taken opportunities for help from mentors. They have created their own "family".

Could you imagine yourself alone, in a different country unable to speak the language, not knowing if your family are alive. Now take a moment to think of all the people that you have in your life that you can turn to. Think of how rich your life is. Now if these young people can find a way to create a life for themselves we all can. These young folk that I have met are happy, they are grateful for what they have and for the opportunities offered.

I am inspired by their stories and grateful for the chance to have played a small part in their journeys. Perhaps you could reach out and help someone? Perhaps you have someone to thank?

I'll finish with my favourite quote that I saw written on the wall of an old bookshop in Paris. "Be kind to strangers they could be angels in disguise."

I'd love to hear your comments.

with love

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Gillian said...

What a lovely blog-enjoyed reading about your journey xx