Friday, October 4, 2013

How to stay happy as the weather changes ..

Can the weather affect your mood? 

Many studies and people I know say yes. SAD (seasonally affected disorder) has been recognised by the NHS in the UK, many people say that they experience lower energy, are less sociable, crave carbohydrates, sleep longer and have reduced sex drive. I wonder how many seasons we have in a year as this could describe several friends at least once a month!
But there are also some people who don't like summer and who were really grumpy when the sun shone this year.  Some folks don't like the rain and avoid it all costs.  Don't get me started on what the wind does to us, and not only after too many baked beans!
All sorts of weather can affect us but as Billy Connolly once said " In Scotland, there is no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes."  So what can you do apart from buy yourself a warm coat and some new wellies?

  • I recognise that during the dark winter nights it can be more of an effort to go out and be sociable. Spending time with friends is one thing that happy people do so it is worth making the effort to stay connected.  How about planning ahead? Make plans with your friends to meet up once a week, even in each others houses then at least one of you gets to stay home.
  • Join a club or class and have some fun learning new skills - the Happiness Club is a great example.
  • Adding some physical activity into the mix can boost your mood - doesn't have to be the gym, try dancing or walking. Join a group and you can add extra social time too.
  • Laugh more.  Make a choice to look for the funny side in life.  Watch funny programs, films and even read some silly joke books.  Anything to get you chuckling. You could try laughter yoga check out Joyworks who will be at the Happiness Day conference.
  • Make time for play. Games, play doh, hobbies and get up to some mischief. It's not just for kids all the happiest people I know enjoy some mischief I reckon it keeps you young.
You can't control the weather so control what you can - make a decision now that you are going to do what you can to feel happier.

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